Dr. John Birchfield graduated from the Medical College of Virginia and went on to complete his specialty training in Endodontics at New York University. He then joined this practice with Dr. Richard L. Peck, who he had years of pleasure working with. He has provided exceptional service from this location for over thirty years.

Here at the office of Dr. Birchfield we still believe in the power of a positive patient experience. We know getting a root canal is not how you would choose to spend your day, however we do our best to ease the stress of the procedure. Our Tampa Bay office specializes in endodontic therapy and other comprehensive therapies associated with the root canal. Choosing an endodontic specialist is not something to be taken lightly. With more than 30 years serving patients in Tampa we know that in order to keep our reputation at the highest level we must continue to stay up to date on all endodontic techniques to ensure we provide top notch care for our patients.

Endodontic Services

Here are a few things Doctor Birchfield offers:

  • Pulp Testing
  • Endodontic Therapy
  • Treatment of Root Canal Obstruction
  • Hemisection on anteriors, bicuspids, and molars
  • Endodontic Surgery (Apicoectomy)

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We are located within the Habana Medical Center Building located on Habana Avenue, between Hillsborough Avenue and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd—just north of St. Joseph’s Hospital

Dr Birchfield has been granted Active Life Membership in The West Coast District Dental Association in 2011. Qualifying for Active Life Membership means, a dentist must complete 30 years of membership, reach 65 years of age and still practice dentistry.

Our Patients Say It Better Than We Could

Here's what they had to say...

  • Dr. Birchfield is great! I had 3 root canals done and there was no pain during or after procedure.The staff are very pleasant.The office is clean. I would never consider having a root canal by any other dentist.My husband had a root canal by another dentist and his face was swollen for 3 days and he was in pain for several days after the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Birchfield I have the highest confidence in him
    Virginia N. Happy Patient
  • He is absolutely THE BEST! Hes does a wonderful job, and the experience was 100% pain-free. He talks you through every step of the way, and is a very gentle, caring doctor. He has done 2 root canals for me, and I would never go anywhere else, ever. The staff is also very nice and friendly towards patients.
    Jennifer G. Happy Patient
  • Over the past years I have had 3 root canals from Dr. Birchfield. He talks you thru the procedure and has a caring manner. I never had any pain and he even has a special way of giving the shot without feeling any pain. He truly is gifted and I appreciate everything he has done for me. I speak from my heart when I tell everyone that I love Dr. Birchfield. He is THE BEST
    Nancy A. Satisfied Patient
  • Dr. Birchfield has a remarkably calm manner – very Zen like. Very grounded and committed to doing the right thing for his patients. His office even called me to tell me about appointment delays due to having to take care of a dental emergency. Very gracious staff
    Great staff at this office and Dr. Birchfield is the best. He explained everything that he was doing, and made sure I felt zero discomfort throughout the quick and painless procedure that was a root canal.
    Pegotty C. Satisfied Patient
  • Went to a consultation with Dr. John Birchfield thinking that I needed to have root canals to save teeth. When I got there he said that even though I had a lot of bone loss it wasn't as bad as I thought. I didn't need any root canals and he said my teeth could last a while longer and gave some hygiene tips to help keep my teeth. He then referred me to another dentist for cosmetic work I need to have. Dr. Birchfield was so kind and I was so relieved to find out that my teeth weren't as bad as I thought. He was so kind and honest, I truly appreciated it. I know many people that have had root canals done by Dr. Birchfield. If I have to have any he's the only one that I trust. HE IS THE BEST!
    Jeanette v. Happy Patient
  • Dr. Birchfield was wonderful! It was almost a pleasure to have a root canal by him. Angie and the rest of his staff were wonderful as well. I agree with the other reviewers, so ditto on what they said. This is my 3rd or 4th root canal and I have had good experiences with all the dentists/endos, but Dr Birchfield and his staff really stood out.! Thanks Doc!
    Charles E. Satisfied Patent
  • I was very nervous because I needed two root canals and post & core buildups for badly needed crowns. Dr. Birchfield was awesome, very kind, assuring and the best in his field for root canals. His injections were hardly felt, I am afraid of needles, period. He was so gentle and caring during the procedure, which amazingly took only about 45 minutes. After leaving the office I was off having dinner, pain free…amazing! I did not require pain medicine for either root canal. He is the best Endodontist ever and priced lower than most! Dr. Birchfield truly cares about his patients.
    Anonymous Satisfied Patent
  • Dr. Birchfield and his staff are so amazing that I can not find the words to express how wonderful they are. For the last years 5 Doctors and many test along with two E.R. visits and I was told that I have Lupus. It seems that Dr. Birchfield found the infection that all the other Doctors had missed which had alter my white blood cell count. Dr Birchfield was not looking for anything special just happen to see it because he is that great. Thank you for the great care and I no longer have to worry and spend the rest of my life thinking that I have a incurable disease. Words can never express my appreciation.
    Nancy Alexander 5 Star Rating
  • I went to Dr Birchfield after my tooth broke and my best option was a root canal to save the tooth. I was petrified as I always related dentistry with pain and a root canal just sounded painful. After my x-Ray, Dr Birchfield said he could do the root canal right then. I definitely was not mentally prepared, however I reluctantly agreed after Dr. Birchfield assured me there would not be any pain involved. He was right, I never felt any pain whatsoever, not even the numbing shot! I am very pleased with the outcome, my tooth actually looks better than the original. Thanks again for a pain free experience Dr. Birchfield!
    Marcia Blount Satisfied Patient
  • I have gone to Dr. Birchfield since I was in college. He is well respected and liked by his industry peers and well loved by his patients. His 'chair-side' manners are outstanding, he and his staff are top-notch practitioners, and his office staff are very pleasant, helpful, and compassionate. I can easily get claustrophobic at the dentist with two people being above me, in my face, with their hands in my mouth. But, I have never felt anything but comfortable in his chair with him and an assistant working on me. He's also a great conversationalist, with better than small-talk things to say. The last time I went to him, I had some freak resistance to the local anesthesia; it just wouldn't numb the area enough for him to work. He ended up needing to use some old-fashion anesthesia for me to get numb. I'm thankful he had the experience and knowledge to know what to do, and the type of anesthesia that it eventually took. During that episode, he sat with me for an hour chatting me up while we waited to see if different injection-locations and different anesthesias would work. All the while, one of the office staff members took care of getting me approved for Care Credit, because this happened when I was in between insurance companies, was paying out of pocket, and like most of us, was struggling during the economic recession. I've never understood why people otherwise ok with going to the dentist, fear root canals. I can only assume it's because in the past, they've gone to an endodontist that is not of the caliber of Dr. Birchfield.
    Tonya Simmons Patient

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